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iPowdedmedia was a product of sheer fortune and a yearning to be creative. Back in 2016, our founder, Usman Hussain, picked up a camera (for you inquisitive ones, it was a Canon 60D camera) and decided to make a video of his mate's new car, Nissan R35 GTR. Not knowing a thing about professional videography, Usman filmed the car cruising along. He took the camera back home, and using a basic free editing programme (iMovie), produced his very first video. Whilst he thought this video was ok, his circle of friends were pleasantly surprised, and the video soon started to circulate among his friends and beyond. Whilst Usman was encouraged to seriously consider Videography as a profession by the response received, this was all new to him, and it was very much a hobby more than anything for after all, he knew nothing about filming, camera settings, nor editing. Usman took some 2 years of casual thinking and researching into Videography, and in this time, he organically developed into an entry-level Videographer. Along the way, he was self-taught, and very quickly acquired the relevant skills required for first-rate Videography. In actual fact, Usman had no qualifications in Videography, the only qualification he has is a Bachelors Degree in Business Studies with Human Resources Management. Usman developed his Videography skills over the past few years, and his work had become sharper and more sought-after as time went on. This opportunity to film a friend's car on a night out has turned into a full-time passion for Usman. Some may say that Usman's progression has been achieved through sheer luck. But it was The Roman Philosopher and Statesman, Seneca, who infamously remarked that "Luck is what happens when skill and preparation meet opportunity." Usman has always had this burning desire to be creative, dynamic, and arty, but it was this opportunity to pick up a camera and film his friend's car that has led to his current successes as a Videographer / Cinematographer.




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